Is The Simpsons ending in 2022?

Is The Simpsons ending in 2022?

The thirty-third season of the American animated television series The Simpsons premiered on Fox on September 26, 2021 and ended on May 22, 2022. The Simpsons (season 33) The Simpsons Original release September 26, 2021 – May 22, 2022 Season chronology List of episodes 7

Will Simpsons ever end?

Currently in its 33rd season and being renewed through its 34th, The Simpsons is confirmed to be on the air until at least 2023, but if history is anything to go by, it'll continue long after. Apr 4, 2022

Is The Simpsons appropriate for 7 year olds?

When it comes to "The Simpsons," Common Sense Media recommends that only children ages 10 and up view the show. The organization cites that the show does contain violence, sexually explicit content, substance use, and anarchy at times. Feb 21, 2020

Did The Simpsons say the F word?

"F-", with the remainder of Homer's sentence cut off by a loud burst of organ music. The word is implied to have been a doozy, as frightened birds flew out of trees, passersby stared in shock at the Simpson home, and Ned Flanders exclaimed, "Dear Lord! That's the loudest profanity I've ever heard!" Mar 13, 2022

What is the scariest Simpsons episode?

While at Duff and Donuts we love the Treehouse of Horror episodes, we thought that we would look at Simpsons episodes that are just as scary. Some Enchanted Evening (Season 1, Episode 13) Bart of Darkness (Season 6, Episode 1) The Springfield Files (Season 8, Episode 10) Halloween of Horror Season 27, Episode 4) Sep 10, 2018

What is the highest rated Simpsons episode ever?

The 20 Best Simpsons Episodes, According To IMDb 8 The City Of New York Vs. Homer Simpson (9.1) 7 Marge Vs. The Monorail (9.1) 6 Last Exit To Springfield (9.1) 5 Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One (9.2) 4 Treehouse Of Horror V (9.2) 3 Cape Feare (9.2) 2 You Only Move Twice (9.3) 1 Homer's Enemy (9.3) • Dec 10, 2021

Is The Simpsons ending in 2021?

The thirty-second season of the American animated television series The Simpsons premiered on Fox on September 27, 2020, and ended on May 23, 2021. The Simpsons (season 32) The Simpsons Original network Fox Original release September 27, 2020 – May 23, 2021 Season chronology List of episodes 6

How long would it take someone to watch The Simpsons?

It would take up to 204 hours or 25.5 eight-hour workdays to watch every episode to date. Fans of The Simpsons, you could watch all 618 episodes in 229 hours (or 9.5 straight days).

Who voices most of The Simpsons?

Harry Shearer Voices The Most Characters In The Series With 21 characters to his name, Harry Shearer voices the most characters on The Simpsons out of any member of the principal cast. Some of his most famous characters include Mr. Burns, Mr. Smithers, Ned Flanders, and Principal Skinner.

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