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Peter Forsberg Net Worth 2023

$55 Million

What is Peter Forsberg’s net worth?

As of 2023, Swedish former professional ice hockey player Peter Forsberg’s Net Worth is estimated to be $55 Million.

  • Peter Mattias Forsberg, a former professional ice hockey player from Sweden and a former assistant general manager of Modo Hockey, was born on July 20, 1973.
  • Forsberg, well known by the nicknames "Peter the Great" and "Foppa," was renowned for his on-ice vision and aggressive play. He is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time.
  • He ranks fifth all-time in assists per game in the NHL and ninth overall in points per game, after only Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, and Connor McDavid, despite the fact that his career was cut short by frequent injuries. 
  • Forsberg was recognized as one of the "100 Greatest NHL Players" in 2017.

Forsberg and his boyhood buddy Markus Näslund started the charitable organization Icebreakers, which hosts exhibition games involving professional ice hockey players to generate money for charitable causes. Forsberg proposed to fellow Swede Nicole Nordin in Paris before the end of 2010. 

The couple welcomed a son as their first child in June 2012. Their daughter, their second child, was born in September 2014. They had their third kid in May 2016. The family has been living in Zug, Switzerland, since 2018.


In his 19-year professional career, he spent 13 years in the National Hockey League (NHL), where he played for the Colorado Avalanche and won two Stanley Cups. He also received numerous individual awards, such as the Hart Memorial Award in 2003. 

He is now the seventh-highest Swedish point scorer in NHL history as of the end of the 2017–18 regular season. Forsberg never had a negative plus-minus rating, giving him a total career rating of +238 prior to his brief comeback season in 2011.

Forsberg represented Sweden in four Winter Olympics, two World Cups, five World Championships, one European Junior Championship, and two World Junior Championships. He holds the record for most points scored in a single game with 31 points, which some claim may never be surpassed.

Over his career, he won four gold medals with Sweden, taking home victories at the 1994 and 2006 Winter Olympics as well as the 1992 and 1998 World Championships. He is a member of the Triple Gold Club and the only Swede to have won each of the three events twice, in addition to his two Stanley Cup victories in NHL play. He was chosen to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2014 after being inducted into the IIHF Hall of Fame in 2013.

The son of former Modo Hockey and Swedish national team coach Kent Forsberg, Peter Forsberg was born in rnsköldsvik, Sweden. Forsberg's father served as his mentor for a sizable portion of his professional career. The two worked together from 1991 to 1994 with Modo before going on to compete for Sweden in the 1996 World Cup, 1998 Olympics, and 1998 World Championship, which they won.

Forsberg and Markus Näslund, a childhood friend from Rnsköldsvik, played minor hockey together. The two were well acquainted while playing on different youth teams before joining the regional ngermanland all-star team for the under-16 TV-pucken national championship in 1988. They were both born ten days apart.

They later competed against one another with Modo Hockey and the Swedish national team at the junior and men's levels. Together, Forsberg and Näslund went to high school, and when they were 18 years old, they worked summer jobs at the same electrical firm that employed both Näslund's mother and Forsberg's father. Growing up, Forsberg's idol was Elitserien and NHL star Håkan Loob.

Forsberg made his professional debut in 1990 with the Modo Hockey junior team, the team from his hometown of rnsköldsvik. He made his senior team debut in the Elitserien, Sweden's top professional ice hockey league, during the season, and contributed an assist in his lone game. He scored 17 points in 23 games for the senior team and 102 points in 39 games for the junior team in 1990–1991 respectively.

The Philadelphia Flyers selected Forsberg sixth overall at the 1991 NHL Entry Selection, making him the first player from Europe to be selected that year. Forsberg was expected to be taken later in the draft, so the selection was unexpected.

In their 1991 draft preview, The Hockey News had placed Forsberg as the 25th best draft prospect, calling him "a good second rounder who might climb into the first." The Flyers' general manager, Russ Farwell, and their top European scout, Inge Hammarström, responded to criticism of the selection by the Philadelphia media by saying that time will show they were correct.

The draft's star attraction was Eric Lindros. The Québec Nordiques selected him first overall, but he refused to sign a contract and, on the advice of his mother, started a holdout that lasted more than a year. In exchange for Lindros, the Quebec Nordiques received Forsberg, five other players, two first-round draft picks, and $15 million. In hindsight, the Lindros trade is seen as one of the most one-sided agreements in sports history, and the deal became a crucial basis for the Nordiques/Avalanche franchise's success over the next decade.

Forsberg stayed in Sweden and spent the next three years playing for Modo. The squad lost to Malmö in the quarterfinals of the 1993 playoffs, but Forsberg was named Player of the Year and Elitserien's Most Valuable Player, respectively, earning him the Guldpucken and Guldhjälmen awards. After barely qualifying for the playoffs, he guided his team to their first final appearance since winning the Elitserien playoffs in 1979, and he once again took home both awards. Forsberg scored in overtime in Game 2 of a five-game series, once more against Malmö, to put his team one victory away from the championship.

He did have influenza, though, and Modo dropped the final two contests and the championship. By this point, Forsberg was believed to be the best player in the world outside the NHL. After Malmö won the championship game 3-1, Forsberg vented his anger on the ice by breaking his stick and then in an interview where he criticized the referee for the game, Börje Johansson, for giving Malmö numerous power plays that led to their first two goals and then increasing the tolerance level.

In Swedish ice hockey circles, Forsberg's statement that he wanted to give Börje a hit has gained popularity. Later, Börje claimed that Forsberg hadn't given him a hit and denied calling the game in favor of Malmö.

Forsberg opted to join the NHL in the summer of 1994 after inking a deal with the Québec Nordiques in October 1993. A $4.275 million signing bonus was included in the $6.5 million four-year contract. Yet because of a lockout, Forsberg didn't make his NHL debut until 1995; instead, he went to Modo and played 11 more games there before returning to North America.


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  1. As of 2023, Swedish former professional ice hockey player Peter Forsberg’s Net Worth is estimated to be $55 Million.


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