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Mastering the Art of LinkedIn: Proven Strategies to Grow Your Following

In today's business environment, having an online presence is essential, and your LinkedIn Profile functions as a virtual business card. LinkedIn has developed into a potent tool for both individuals and organizations. It's a technique to cultivate connections and create networks that go beyond merely closing deals; it's not just a list of contacts.

One of the most significant social media sites for professionals is LinkedIn. It provides a special opportunity to network with other professionals, develop your personal brand, and expand your business with over 700 million people globally. Growing your LinkedIn following might be difficult, though, particularly if you're just getting started. In this post, we'll look at some of the top strategies for increasing your LinkedIn following and strengthening your online presence as a professional.

Uncertainty surrounds TikTok's future. Currently, there is unrest on Twitter. Engagement on Instagram is down. What social media channel should business owners prioritize? Think about the reliable LinkedIn. Entrepreneurs may make useful connections, exchange insights and thought leadership, and position themselves as industry leaders by developing a strong network on LinkedIn. I questioned the LinkedIn influencers that are getting the most attention what they are doing well. These are their advice.

You may increase your following on LinkedIn and develop your online presence naturally if your profile appears in search results and is seen by your target market. The guaranteed methods to acquire quality LinkedIn followers are covered in this post.

Fill Out Your Profile

The first thing a customer sees while researching your business is your LinkedIn page. Make sure the content on your page is compelling and succinct; doing so will encourage customers to explore more about your company. Just as you would want potential candidates to submit their resumes, post your company's credentials on LinkedIn.

Post Frequently

The greatest strategy to increase your social media following is to put an emphasis on content interaction and stay active there. Strive to post at least once a week with a consistent type of content. This will keep your fans interested and help you come out as genuine. The optimal time to post on LinkedIn is between 6 AM and 5 PM, which is the period of time when users are most active there. If you schedule your post during a busy period, such as between 8 AM and 1 PM, you might, nonetheless, gain more followers and engagement. You may always run a trial test to find out when your brand is most successful.

Express Your True Self

The days when posting only conservative, buttoned-up content on LinkedIn to demonstrate your professionalism are long gone. My own best-performing article was one where I added my ideas on perseverance together with my first rejection letter, which dates back to when I was 12 years old.

In all honesty, Justin Welsh, the founder of The Diversified Solopreneur and the author of one of the most well-known courses on LinkedIn (which has assisted over 10,000 students, including me, rack up 3,497,000,000+ impressions on LinkedIn), is to thank for the majority of my success there. Welsh claims that general content like "Here's how to be a better leader" may have been effective in the past. Nevertheless, with the recent influx of entrepreneurs onto LinkedIn, attracting the proper kind of follower requires much more than just posting broad content.

Everyone will talk about 'The ten stages for this or that,' he predicts. But, the author who writes about their individual journey will stand out and draw a devoted following who travels alongside them. According to executive LinkedIn trainer and advisor Tara Horstmeyer, the emergence of AI will make going "live" and using video more important because video boosts the authenticity angle.

"Any time you can get your face, your words, your voice, just your personality out there visually, it's going to help," she says. Welsh, on the other hand, stays away from video and places more of an emphasis on producing articles that deviate from the norm.

He explains, "It's not just about what you write about; it's also about what you're against." "I write a lot about starting your own company as an entrepreneur, but I also write about the polar opposite of that, which is why I'm opposed to the regular nine-to-five job. Contrarian thinking makes you stand out in a world with 4.9 billion Internet users."

Improve The Searchability Of Your LinkedIn Page

By making your LinkedIn profile and pages more visible on search engines like Google and Bing, you can get more visits. Your profile will be seen by more potential clients if your description contains a lot of keywords. Longer articles typically contain more keywords, increasing the likelihood that users will locate your profile in search results. Keep in mind that human psychology comes first and algorithms come second.

Those who claim that the algorithm prioritizes newsletters or that information submitted through scheduling services won't be as widely noticed might easily convince you of their point of view because LinkedIn frequently introduces new capabilities. In the end, no algorithm can replace a fundamental comprehension of human nature.

According to Welsh, "human beings have operated in the same manner for hundreds of years." The individual who expands the most in 2023 will ride the tide of trends while also mastering the fundamentals, such as understanding the customer journey and their audience as well as their ideal customer profile.

Involvement is The Key to Success

Interacting is necessary for success on any social networking platform, but it's more important on LinkedIn. It entails looking for others who share similar interests to you and leaving comments on their posts as opposed to merely replying to remarks made on your postings. But, it goes beyond simply giving a thumbs-up or saying "Excellent post" before leaving. It involves reading (often extremely lengthy) posts and offering insightful comments.

According to Horstmeyer, one benefit of commenting on other people's blog entries is that "you find your voice, you find how you like to write, and you find your people." She claims that reciprocity and support are the currency of LinkedIn. If people begin to support your material, she claims, "the generosity you're presently offering will come back to you."

Welsh concurs. In his words, "If you come in, drop a piece of really high-quality material and leave, you can still benefit from posting quality content but you won't develop as fast or grow an audience as deep as if you interact on a regular basis."

Include a Follow Button on Your Website

Provide a "Follow" button on your website, blog, or newsletter if you want people to subscribe to your content on LinkedIn. The footer of your website is the ideal location for this button because it can improve page visibility. Promote Your Profile on Other Social Networks. Your fans will want to follow you on other social media sites if you post interesting information on your LinkedIn page. You can connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your LinkedIn page, or you can tweet out a request to your Facebook fans or followers to do the same.

Engage Influencers in Your Niche in Collaboration

Your brand can grow its social media presence by collaborating with influencers. You may boost your brand's performance on several important metrics, such as follower count and engagement rate, by collaborating with influencers who have sizable followings.

Extra Advice: Encourage your team members to tell their friends and coworkers about your business. When they genuinely support your business, people are more likely to believe what they say. Respect your team's relationship by engaging with them frequently and asking them to tag you in postings.

Appreciate The Journey

There aren't any get-rich-quick scams on LinkedIn, in contrast to TikTok, where a single well-timed post may catapult you into virality. Welsh has been constantly posting for more than four years and has more than 340,000 followers. His postings frequently receive thousands of comments and likes.

The amount of time Welsh and Horstmeyer estimate they spend on LinkedIn each day varies depending on how much time they spend publishing, responding to comments, and engaging with other people's postings. In the end, the unattractive act of consistently turning up is what will be effective in 2023, just like anything worthwhile. The most crucial thing, I usually tell people, is to remove friction from consistency, adds Welsh. "For instance, I enjoy writing, so I do it every day."

Provide Pertinent, Practical Content

By consistently posting high-quality material, you may increase the engagement and vibrancy of your LinkedIn company profile. This will persuade visitors to like and follow your page. Update them with intriguing news, information, and links. Extra Advice: Include a CTA button in your post to encourage readers to visit your website, share your contact information, or just follow you on social media. Because of this, it is simpler to quantify your marketing goals on the platform.

Test Out Thought Leadership

You constantly seek out fresh concepts as an executive or manager to help direct your company. But it can be challenging to separate out from the crowd with so much thought leadership available. A fantastic location to start creating a body of work that will spark conversation is on LinkedIn. You can stay on top of trends by producing material that is educational, interesting, and pertinent.


  1. Mastering the Art of LinkedIn: Proven Strategies to Grow Your Following


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