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Cardi B's Net Worth is $80 Million in 2023

  • Cardi B Net Worth: 80 Million USD
  • Cardi B Salary: 5 Million USD/Year


Cardi B is an American rapper, songwriter, and television personality whose net worth is approximately $80 million, according to multiple sources. Her distinctive fusion of hip-hop, Latin, and R&B music propelled her to fame in the middle of the 2010s, and she has since gone on to become one of the most successful female rappers of all time.

Cardi B has earned money outside of her music career from sponsorship deals, reality TV appearances, and a clothing business. She is one of the most talked-about individuals in the entertainment sector because of her outspoken temperament and outgoing personality. Cardi B continues to top the music charts and motivate followers despite some controversy and legal difficulties over the years.

Cardi B first became well-known as an influencer on Instagram and Vine. She gained more notoriety after the release of her two mixtapes, Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 (2016) and Vol. 2 (2017), which chronicled her pursuit of her musical goals. She appeared as a regular cast member on the VH1 reality television series Love & Hip Hop: New York from 2015 until early 2017.

"Invasion of Privacy", Cardi B's debut studio album, debuted at the top of the U.S. Billboard 200 in 2018. She became the first and only woman to win the Grammy Award for Best Rap Record as a solo artist thanks to the well-received album, which also made it the second female rap album to be nominated for Album of the Year. Two number one hits were produced by it for the American Billboard Hot 100. She became the second female rapper to reach No. 1 on the Hot 100 with a solo song thanks to the lead single, "Bodak Yellow," and the first to have a record recognized as diamond by the RIAA.

The fourth single, "I Like It," became the first song by a female rapper to reach multiple Hot 100 number-one positions. She collaborated with Maroon 5 on the song "Girls Like You," which became her third Hot 100 number-one. She became the only female rapper with numerous RIAA diamond-certified tracks as a result.

Awards & Recognitions

A Grammy Award, eight Billboard Music Awards, six Guinness World Records, six American Music Awards, fourteen BET Hip Hop Awards, and two ASCAP Songwriter of the Year Awards are among her honors. She was listed among the top 100 global influencers in Time magazine's annual list in 2018, and Billboard named her Woman of the Year in 2020. In 2022, she started working as the creative director of the entertainment publication Playboy.

Early life

On October 11, 1992, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar was born in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Her mother is Trinidadian and is of African and Spanish ancestry; her father is Dominican. Almánzar was born and reared in the South Bronx's Highbridge area. She also spent a lot of time visiting her paternal grandmother in Washington Heights, where she says she acquired "such a heavy accent."

Almánzar derived her stage moniker "Cardi B" from the rum company Bacardi, which she had previously gone by as a nickname. Hennessy Carolina, her younger sister, was born in 1995. She claimed to have been a Bloods member since she was 16 years old, but she made it clear that she would not recommend becoming a gang member. She attended Herbert H. Lehman High School's Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology, a vocational high school.

Cardi B worked at a Tribeca Amish deli when she was in her teen years. After being let go, she started dancing at the strip club across the street. Cardi B has said that having a good impact on her life as a stripper includes the following: "I was truly saved from a lot of things by it. I returned to school when I began stripping."

She said that she turned to stripping as her sole means of making enough money to leave the situation and pursue an education in order to avoid poverty and domestic abuse. At the time, she had been expelled from her mother's home and was in an abusive relationship. She eventually stopped attending Borough of Manhattan Community College. Cardi B deceived her mother into believing she was earning money by babysitting while she was stripping. Due to several of her videos becoming viral on social media, including Vine and her Instagram profile, she started to achieve notoriety in 2013.


Cardi B debuted in season six of the VH1 reality television program Love & Hip Hop: New York in 2015. She was regarded by Jezebel as the sixth season's breakout star. She became well-known because of her "ability to spit off one-liners," according to The New York Times. Her ascent to fame and her tumultuous relationship with her imprisoned fiancé are both explored in the sixth and seventh seasons. After two seasons, she stated on December 30, 2016, that she would be quitting the show to focus on her music career.

Alongside fellow Jamaican dancehall artist Popcaan, Cardi B made her musical debut on Shaggy's remix of his track "Boom Boom" in November 2015. On December 15, 2015, she released her first music video for the song "Cheap Ass Weave," which she covered from British rapper Lady Leshurr's "Queen's Speech 4." Known as Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1, Cardi B's debut full-length project was made available on March 7, 2016. She was pictured on the digital cover of Vibe magazine's "Viva" issue in November 2016.

Underestimated: The Album, a collection by KSR Group artists Cardi B, HoodCelebrity, SwiftOnDemand, Cashflow Harlem, and Josh X, was published on September 12 by KSR Group. Before, it was exclusively made available to people who attended their U.S. tour. She shared the screen with Charlamagne on the Uncommon Sense episode from December 9, 2015. On the eleventh episode of Khloé Kardashian's Kocktails with Khloé, which aired on April 6, 2016, she discussed telling her mother that she was a stripper. She would be joining the cast of the BET sitcom Being Mary Jane, it was reported in November 2016.

Cardi B signed her first endorsement contract with Romantic Depot in 2016, a major lingerie retailer with a focus on selling products for sexual wellness and fitness in New York. Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 2, Cardi B's second mixtape, was made available on January 20. Cardi B collaborated with Rio Uribe's Gypsy Sport and MAC Cosmetics in February 2017 for a New York Fashion Week event. Cardi B got her first major record label recording deal with Atlantic Records in late February.

Cardi B was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the 2017 BET Awards, which were announced in May 2017. Cardi B gave a performance at the BET Awards Afterparty show even though Remy Ma and Chance the Rapper took home the top prizes in those categories.

Cardi B's commercial debut single, "Bodak Yellow," was made available digitally by Atlantic Records on June 16. On Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Wendy Williams Show, she sang the song! Bodak Yellow made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart on September 25, 2017, making Cardi B the first female rapper to accomplish so with a solo single since Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)" debuted at the top of the chart in 1998. The song rose up the charts for several months.

Other ventures

She collaborated with M.A.C. and Rio Uribe's Gypsy Sport for an event at New York Fashion Week in February 2017. Designer Marc Jacobs paid for her presence in i-"A-Z D's of Music" video in April, and she appeared on the cover of The Fader's July/August 2017 Summer Music issue. In September 2018, Tom Ford unveiled a lipstick that bears her name and is inspired by Cardi B. Within a day, it was sold out. She collaborated with Fashion Nova to release a clothing brand collection in November.

She collaborated with Reebok in the same month to promote the company's Aztrek sneaker. She collaborated with Reebok to launch a footwear and clothing line in 2020 that was influenced by her personal style and paid respect to "vintage 80s flair" and patterns. In 2021, she unveiled her second Reebok collection, which featured corsets, tracksuits, and shoes that were inspired by New York City living.

Three television advertisements featuring Cardi B and Pepsi were released during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, Christmas, and Super Bowl LIII. Early in 2019, Cardi released two kinds of chips and two kinds of popcorn under the brand name Rap Snacks, joining other hip hop musicians (such as her husband Offset, who is a member of the group Migos). Jai Manselle created the artwork for the bags, drawing inspiration from the Invasion of Privacy book cover.

In December 2020, she used Facebook Messenger to launch the series Cardi Tries, on which she served as one of the executive producers.

Cardi B joined forces with PLBY Group Inc. in December 2021 as Playboy's resident creative director and a founding member of Centerfold, a website for independent creators that is now under development. Products for sexual wellness and fashion are also part of the relationship. The same month, she launched a vegan whipped cream product called "Whipshots" that was flavored with vodka.

Favorite Quotes from Cardi B

“If a girl have beef with me, she gon’ have beef with me forever.” – Cardi B

“No I don’t except your apology unless you buy me a bag.”Cardi B

“Don’t expect me to cook. I’m tired. I’m as tired as you.” Cardi B

“But one day she can be like, ‘Guess what? My daughter owns this. So what if my daughter was a stripper? She owns a business. She owns a house. Look at the s**t she’s driving.’ That’s what I want her to say. ‘Look what my daughter bought me? What the f*** did your daughter buy you? Nothing.’”Cardi B

“I find it so ridiculous that if you make $10 an hour you are not allowed to get welfare. Look at New York, our rent is so expensive. To live in a bum a** apartment, a one bedroom in the Bronx, it’s like $1,000. I feel like I would raise wages higher.”Cardi B

Cardi B's Rules for Success

Check out some of Cardi B's most important success lessons, which have been culled from many of her previous interviews, now that you are fully aware of her background and net worth. These are Cardi B's top 10 success tips:

1. Work hard for your goals

Cardi B claims in her interview that while everyone encourages you to chase your ambitions, they fail to convey how difficult it is and how much hustle it takes to accomplish so. For your dreams, you'll have to put up a strong battle.

2. Disprove assumptions

You get a high from disproving others, and you also encourage others by demonstrating that everything is possible. In reality, many of the people you disprove may have their opinions altered and be motivated to work harder toward their own objectives.

3. Build your Network

Making the appropriate connections is essential for success, as Travis Scott said in one of his interviews. You need to surround yourself with positive influencers who will advance your career and your quality of life.

4. Invest more effort

Success is the outcome of that extra 1% each day. Have you ever heard of the term "compounding"? Here, you set a daily improvement goal of just 1%, and over time, all those 1% gains add up to significant progress.

5. Grow

Grow as a person, as a company, as a set of abilities, as a level of discipline. Simply keep expanding. Why wouldn't you desire to expand?

6. Use your cards wisely

Cardi B describes how she was able to enter the hip-hop scene at the ideal time and become a hit success by using smart card play. She was given a reality TV series but declined it despite having a million fans on social media before hip hop. Cardi declined the offer because she believed it may harm her prospects of succeeding in the hip-hop industry.

7. Collaborate with those who have faith in you

Cardi B collaborates with individuals and creatives who genuinely support her work and want to be a part of it. Cardi doesn't like people that expect payment in exchange for being featured on her songs.

8. Develop hater management skills

This lesson is one of my favorites since it generally holds true when someone tries to go against the flow. People won't always support you if you're trying to undertake something huge, hazardous, or difficult to accomplish; these people may even be members of your family. Cardi B advises that you develop a strategy for handling your detractors as a result.

9. Display taste

Be tasteful in how you communicate, and Cardi B makes reference to bloggers who frequently utterly demonize rappers or celebrities in their writings rather than writing about them in a delicate manner.

10. Enjoy Your Time

Have fun times! That's the most significant factor, ultimately. You don't want to work a job you detest every day, do you?

Final Thoughts

Cardi B has been referred to as the "Reigning Queen of Hip Hop" by multiple publications, including Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Omaha World-Herald, Black Enterprise, Newsweek, and The A.V. Club, and as the "Queen of Rap" by NME, Essence, Harper's Bazaar Malaysia, The Jakarta Post, Uproxx, iHeartRadio, Geo TV, Vanity Fair, Joe, Boston Herald, Refinery 29, France 24, and Nigerian media The Guardian, BBC News, and Daily Trust.

Staff at Spin gave her credit for opening "Cardi B "discovered that POC musicians no longer need to pander or soften themselves in order to become household names, opening the door to a new generation of pop singers who are reinventing American music in their own image and accents. " The success of "Bodak Yellow" on the commercial front, according to Billboard editors, "made an indelible impression on the summer of 2017, not just because she rewrote history, but she provided hope to the have nots."

Rosala, Olivia Rodrigo, Jazmine Sullivan, Selena Gomez, Blackpink, Spice, Greta Gerwig, Nathy Peluso, Rubi Rose, Mara Becerra, and Abigail Asante are just a few of the musicians who have mentioned Cardi B's work as an inspiration. Cardi B has been praised for encouraging and bringing together female rappers in the field; one Uproxx writer called her endorsement "the new Drake effect" for female hip-hop artists.


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