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10 Best Free Mind Mapping Tools

One of the finest ways to generate ideas or solutions is through mind mapping, especially when working in a group. However, the ideal choice when working with a remote team is to use a dependable mind-mapping program for conversations and idea generation.

Mind Mapping Tools are software applications or online platforms that allow users to create visual diagrams or "mind maps" to organize and structure information, ideas, and concepts. These diagrams typically include a central idea or topic, with branches or lines connecting it to related ideas, subtopics, and notes. Mind mapping tools can be used for a variety of purposes, such as brainstorming, project planning, note-taking, and knowledge management. Some popular mind mapping tools include MindNode, XMind, and MindManager.

Some of the top mind-mapping applications for solo or group brainstorming are listed below. The majority of these programs offer various features and functionalities and are cross-platform compatible. Check over the list to see which would best fit your needs.

1. Coggle

A user-friendly web application for creating mind maps to capture ideas. You can use it to illustrate your illogical planning or brainstorming ideas. You can also invite members of your team or other collaborators to work online on the mind maps.

Numerous capabilities are available through Cogule, such as the ability to add numerous beginning points, include floating text and images, upload an unlimited number of photos, and save your private diagrams even after you stop using their service.

The lack of a desktop or mobile version of the app, however, detracts somewhat from its appeal. On the other hand, if you're searching for a completely online ming mapping solution, this application might be the best choice.

  • Desktop Compatibility: Browser
  • Mobile Compatibility: No
  • Coggle Price: Free
  • Premium app/subscriptions?: Yes (Check pricing)

2. Milanote

One of the most user-friendly mind-mapping tools available, Milanote enables you to put a face to your ideas using text, images, graphics, and even videos. There are several pre-made templates to help you get started, and anyone can use it thanks to the straightforward drag-and-drop user interface.

You can collaborate with any number of team members on a single board, and you decide whether to allow them to edit, comment, or just watch the mind maps. Additionally, Milanote is a multi-platform app that can be synced across many devices.

However, there isn't a way to get a free trial.

  • Desktop Compatibility: Browser, Windows, macOS
  • Mobile Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Milanote Price: Free
  • Premium app/subscriptions?: Yes (Check pricing)

3. Miro

Through the use of an online whiteboard called Miro, team members may collaborate and share ideas from any location. Idea generating, visual mapping, planning and discussion, real-time collaboration, as well as the organization of webinars and remote workshops are all possible.

Perhaps one of Miro's most notable advantages is its simplicity of usage. To get started, you don't need to know too much, and even the cooperation just takes a few minutes. There are a few minor glitches in the app's functionality, but the creators are striving to fix them, so we may expect a better tool in the future.

  • Desktop Compatibility: Windows, macOS
  • Mobile Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Miro Price: Free
  • Premium app/subscriptions?: Yes (Check pricing)

4. SketchBoard

With Sketchboard, an easy-to-use virtual whiteboard, you can generate and communicate your thoughts and dialogues using textual and graphic mind maps. It's an excellent tool for working online either solo or in groups. With connections forming automatically, you can select from more than 400 freehand drawings and add text where appropriate.

You have access to an endless drawing board with Sketchboard, allowing you to drag the canvas and add as many ideas as you like. I believe this tool would be perfect for technical tasks like mobile app development even if it is based on coding and modeling themes and allows for all types of mind mapping.

  • Desktop Compatibility: Browser
  • Mobile Compatibility: No
  • SketchBoard Price: Free
  • Premium app/subscriptions?: Yes (Check pricing)

5. StormBoard

You can discuss and organize your thoughts in real time with Stromboard. It resembles more of an online collaborative workspace where you may delegate tasks and track your team's progress on the current project.

The program provides various dynamic reporting possibilities along with expert templates, live sessions, and webinars. It lacks several features like diagramming and screen recording when used as an online whiteboard, yet it is the best tool for online mind mapping collaboration.

  • Desktop Compatibility: Browser, Windows, macOS
  • Mobile Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • StormBoard Price: Free
  • Premium app/subscriptions?: Yes (Check pricing)

6. Ayoa

Ayoa combines effective mind mapping with strong task management. It has a user-friendly design, a variety of collaborative tools, adaptable templates, agile project management, and time monitoring.

Ayoa's inability to operate offline makes it challenging to access your info while on the go. In addition, the software is cross-platform and allows you lots of flexibility to share and develop your brilliant ideas with your team.

  • Desktop Compatibility: Browser, Windows, macOS
  • Mobile Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Ayoa Price: Free
  • Premium app/subscriptions?: Yes (Check pricing)


Basically, is a specialized diagramming tool that you may use to illustrate your concepts and produce mind maps from your train of thought.

It works flawlessly with some of your most-used tools, like Google Drive, Sharepoint, OneDrive, and many more cloud storage services, and you can use it offline through the desktop version.

You can export your diagrams from the tool in a variety of formats, but there is room for improvement when exporting files from other tools. It is a straightforward and effective tool for online collaborative brainstorming aside from that.

  • Desktop Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Mobile Compatibility: No
  • Price: Free
  • Premium app/subscriptions?: No (Check pricing)

8. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is an intuitive and simple-to-use program that puts you and your team on the same page in terms of group thinking. With stunning and configurable graphics, you may use the pre-made professional templates, keyboard shortcuts, and multi-edit a document with other collaborators in real time.

Since Lucidchart offers a wide range of tools, some users may initially find them to be a bit overwhelming. However, with clear instructions and a short learning curve, you quickly grasp the concept and begin a productive discussion on your ideas using the application.

  • Desktop Compatibility: Browser
  • Mobile Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Lucidchart Price: Free
  • Premium app/subscriptions?: Yes (Check pricing)

9. Mind Meister

MindMeister provides a fluid workflow and a wide range of collaboration capabilities, making it the perfect mind-mapping application for people who prefer a more vivid visual representation of their ideas. It can be used for project management, note-taking, and group brainstorming.

You may build an extensive mind map using MindMeister's various capabilities. Additionally, it provides interaction with Google Drive and additional programs that you use frequently.

You still have access to enough tools to make fantastic mind maps even though the free edition has a limited range of capabilities.

  • Desktop Compatibility: Browser
  • Mobile Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Mind Meister Price: Free
  • Premium app/subscriptions?: Yes (Check pricing)

10. MindMup 

A mind mapping program called MindMup is mainly geared toward helping educators and students manage group projects and organize their pupils. Online and on social media, you may build and share mind maps, workflows, storyboards, and project conversations.

You can use MindMup as a note-taking program and import or export files (in a few different formats, though). Overall, it is an excellent tool for collaborative brainstorming among small and medium-sized teams, while some of its capabilities may use some tweaking.

  • Desktop Compatibility: Browser
  • Mobile Compatibility: No
  • MindMup Price: Free
  • Premium app/subscriptions?: Yes (Check pricing)

In conclusion, mind mapping is a powerful method for generating ideas and solutions, particularly when working in a team setting. However, when working with a remote team, using a reliable mind-mapping tool is essential for effective collaboration and idea generation. The list of the 10 best free mind mapping tools provided in this article offers a range of options to suit different needs and preferences, and many of these tools are cross-platform compatible. Whether you are looking for a simple tool to organize your thoughts or a more advanced program with added features, this list is a great place to start when searching for the perfect mind-mapping app for your needs.


  1. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for this amazing article on the 10 best free mind mapping tools. As someone who is always looking for ways to improve my productivity and organization, this article was an absolute goldmine of information. The level of detail and the comparisons between the different tools really helped me make an informed decision on which one to use. I ended up using one of the tools listed in this article and it has made a huge difference in my workflow. Thank you so much for taking the time to research and share this information with the world. I will definitely be using this article as a reference in the future.


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