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Tom Holland's Height is 1.73m & He is NOT SHORT But of Average Height

There has been much talk on the internet about The Spiderman actor Tom Holland's height. Some people even mocked him for not being tall like other fictional superheros. In this article, we tried to clear up some confusions about his height and some facts that the trolls should know about before belittling him for his height.


Tom Holland probably appears as short as a Lilliputian to some compared to his 6 feet plus gigachad co-actors. But in reality, Spider-Man: No Way Home actor Tom Holland is of average height according to both US and UK standards. If you ever look up the average male height in US and UK, you will be able to know that in the US and the UK, average male height is around 70 inches (1.78m) and 69 inches (1.75m), respectively.

Why Does Tom Holland Look So Short?


Tom Holland's Height is 1.73m which is equal to 68 inches, which is considered average in both US & UK. He only appears short because we got used to watching only tall men as superheroes. Tom Holland's co-stars like Chris Evans (Height: 1.83 m), Chris Hemsworth (Height: 1.9 m), or Zendaya (Height:1.8m) are all considered tall. And we all know about this phenomenon that, if we stand beside slightly taller people than us, we look much shorter than we actually are.

So What is Tom's Actual Height?


According to many trusted sources like Screenrant, the Independent and Cosmopolitan, Tom Holland is 173cm or 5'8" tall. In the original comic books, the Spiderman character is a 5'10" guy, but not many people are bothered by this tiny inaccuracy. Because of how well Tom fits in the idea of "your friendly neighborhood spiderman!" with his charming, charismatic, friendly and down-to-earth personality. We compiled a table below which shows his height in different scales.

Scale Height
Meter 1.73m
Centimeter 173cm
Inch 68.11 inches
Foot & Inch 5 Feet 8 Inches or 5'8"
Foot 5.68 Feet

Height of Other Spider-Man Actors

Tom Holland's Predecessors in previous Spiderman movies and TV shows include -

  • Neil Patrick Harris, Height: 1.83m
  • As Peter Parker in Spider-Man TV show (2003).

  • Tobey Maguire, Height: 1.72m
  • As Peter Parker in multiple Spider-Man movies in 2002, 2004, 2007 and in 2021.

  • Andrew Garfield, Height: 1.79m
  • As Peter Parker in three Spider-Man movies in 2012, 2014 and 2021.

Does Tom's Height Have Any Negative Impact in His Life?


Apparently not. It doesn't seem like there is any negative impact on his life & career because of his 2 inches less than average height. In fact, Tom Holland has built up quite a successful life so far considering his young age (26 years in 2022). He now has a very successful Hollywood career with his iconic Spiderman/Peter Parker superhero films and a few other blockbusters like Uncharted (2022), Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021), etc.


We can also consider the fact that he is also financially successful. According to Celebritynetworth in 2022, Tom Holland's net worth is 25 Million USD! Just wow! Let me stop there for a moment and digest this piece of information. But hey! he earned it and very well deserves this wealth.

Zendaya and Tom Holland

And finally, let us take a look at his love life. It's now widely known that Thomas Stanley Holland is in a romantic relationship with the very beautiful and stunning co-artist Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. And to me, it looks like they may get married in the future.

A British Academy Film Award, three Saturn Awards, a Guinness World Record, and a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list are just a few of Tom's honors. He has been described in certain magazines as one of the most well-liked actors of his generation.

So it is apparent that the successful actor had to lose nothing because of his height and it is not an obstacle for him to get what he wants. Tom holland's story can be very inspirational for short men who feel very insecure about their height and think of it as a disability or something. Clearly, t's not.

How and Where Tom Holland Spent His Early Life


Thomas Holland was born on June 1, 1996, in Kingston upon Thames, southwest London, to comedian and author Dominic Holland and photographer Nicola. Three of his brothers are younger. His paternal grandmother was an Irish native of Tipperary. Near his parents' and younger brothers' homes, Holland resides in Kingston upon Thames. He frequently draws inspiration from his parents because they both work in creative fields; he views his father as a role model because of his knowledge of the business and the fact that he has informally served as his manager.


In Wimbledon, southwest London, Holland attended Donhead, an all-male Catholic preparatory school. His dyslexia was identified when he was seven years old. In order to prevent making his brothers feel ignored, his parents enrolled him and his brothers in a private school where he could receive the proper care. Holland enjoyed the new school, but it began to strain his family's finances. Following the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon, Holland attended Wimbledon College, a voluntary-aided Jesuit comprehensive school.


Like all of us, as a kid, tom considered a number of professions to be in the future. When he was a young boy, Tom danced around the house playing Janet Jackson songs in the CD player. His dancing was actually not bad, and he was able to impress his mother. She thought, "if he dances this good all by himself, why not let him learn from a professional?" Then she took him to a dance class nearby Tom's private school. So Tom's mother thought her son is going to be a pro-dancer in future. Holland temporarily attended a carpentry school in Cardiff, Wales, when he was in his teens. He had thought of teaching elementary school because he likes being around kids.


Holland started dancing at the age of nine in a hip-hop class at Wimbledon's Nifty Feet Dance School, where he also took dance competitions. In 2006, Holland participated in the Richmond Dance Festival with his school's dance team. The Billy Elliot the Musical choreographer Peter Darling's assistant Lynne Page, who works with Darling, noticed him there. Stephen Daldry, the director of the musical, observed Holland's audition and commented that he "had amazing potential and was a very natural performer." Page set up the audition for Holland. Holland got the part of Michael Caffrey, the protagonist's best friend, following two years of training in ballet, tap dancing, and acrobatics. He had his stage debut at the Victoria Palace Theatre in the West End in June 2008. Holland gained gymnastics skills while he was a performer in the musical.

Wrapping It Up

Your physical height is unimportant; what matters is your desire to soar higher in life and toward your objectives. Additionally, the motivation is based on concept rather than size or height. Tom Holland demonstrates how you may overcome Hollywood's lack of tolerance for short performers by using your charm, self-assurance, and talent. In actuality, your height is irrelevant until you start to lose confidence. And nobody has the right to order you in line based on your height. Set your heights higher than what you see around you and look beyond, a wise man once advised.

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  1. Honestly, Tom Holland didn't look much shorter to me when he was wearing a Spiderman suit but he looks shorter in casual clothing. Personally, I'm a much taller girl than Tom but I'll gladly date a guy like him. His height doesn't matter to me. Apart from that, no matter whether he looks short or tall, Tom is a wonderful and talented artist and a gem to Hollywood. I thoroughly enjoyed all of his past films and will continue to watch in whatever movies he stars in. Again thank you for writing about Tom Holland's height in detail, I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Holland did become one of the best and most trustworthy Spider-Men thanks to his athletic prowess and parkour sprinting abilities. Nevertheless, someone undertaking their own stunt work runs the risk of getting hurt.


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