Why is Marge's hair blue?

Why is Marge's hair blue?

It was revealed by Homer in "Secrets of a Successful Marriage" that Marge dyes her hair with blue dye #56; "She's been gray as a mule since she was seventeen." It is shown in the episode "Fear of Flying" that Marge's blue hair goes back to when she was a small child, so this color choice may ave been intended to match

Who owns The Simpsons now?

The Walt Disney Company The Simpsons (franchise) The Simpsons Created by Matt Groening Original work The Simpsons shorts from The Tracey Ullman Show Owner 20th Century Studios (The Walt Disney Company) Years 1987–present 19

When did Matt Groening leave Simpsons?

Matt Groening, (born February 15, 1954, Portland, Oregon, U.S.), American cartoonist and animator who created the comic strip Life in Hell (1980–2012) and the television series The Simpsons (1989– ) and Futurama (1999–2003, 2010–13).

Is Futurama coming back 2020?

Futurama will be back with its lead cast intact when the Matt Groening and David X. Cohen's cult animated sci-fi comedy returns with new episodes on Hulu in 2023. Mar 1, 2022

Who sang for Princess Penelope in The Simpsons?

Anne Hathaway PlayBlog Anne Hathaway Sings on "The Simpson" Stage and screen actress Anne Hathaway appeared as Princess Penelope, a new sidekick to Krusty the Clown, on Fox's animated comedy "The Simpsons."

Who is the voice of Princess Penelope on The Simpsons?

Anne Hathaway The episode features Anne Hathaway's return to the show, this time voicing Princess Penelope. Jackie Mason returns to voice Krusty the Clown's father Rabbi Hyman Krustofski. This is one of Eartha Kitt's final TV appearances, who posthumously guest-starred as herself, being an ex-wife of Krusty's.

Is Krusty still married?

Krusty has been married fifteen times. He usually gets married to his sideshows. He rejected Princess Penelope at their wedding believing that she deserved to marry someone better than him, but he eventually got back together with her.

Why did Hank Azaria leave Simpsons?

For decades on The Simpsons, Hank Azaria thought Apu was just one of the voices he did. Over the show's 32 seasons, Azaria has voiced hundreds of characters. However, after Azaria saw the documentary The Problem with Apu and spoke with more people, he decided to stop doing the voice. Apr 23, 2021

How much money has Hank Azaria made from The Simpsons?

Hank Azaria Simpsons Salary What is Hank Azaria's salary per episode of The Simpsons? $300,000. Assuming an average season is 22 episodes, that translates into around $6.6 million per year.

Who does the most voices in The Simpsons?

Harry Shearer Voices The Most Characters In The Series With 21 characters to his name, Harry Shearer voices the most characters on The Simpsons out of any member of the principal cast. Some of his most famous characters include Mr. Burns, Mr. Smithers, Ned Flanders, and Principal Skinner.

Who is the highest paid voice over actor?

An American dude by the name of Trey Parker, co-creator of South Park and the voice behind characters such as Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Randy Marsh and Mr Mackey, is worth a whopping $350 million in US dollars… making him the highest paid voice actor world over.

Do The Simpsons pay guest stars?

Mike – who has worked on the series since its inception in the 80s, bar a few seasons off in the 90s – said: 'We wrote a part for him on the show, then we thought, “Do we want to give Rush Limbaugh another $400?” That's all we pay our guest stars. May 25, 2021

How much does Yeardley Smith make per episode?

Yeardley Smith – Net Worth: $85 Million She now earns $300,000 per episode of the show, translating to around $7 million per season.

What is Lisa Simpson's IQ?

159 Lisa is the most intellectual member of the Simpson family (she has an IQ of 159), and many episodes of the series focus on her fighting for various causes. Lisa is often the focus of episodes with "a real moral or philosophical point", which according to former writer David S.