Why did the Grateful Dead have two drummers?

Why did the Grateful Dead have two drummers?

Why did you need two drummers? That can be a blessing and a curse. One time after a particularly difficult gig, Jerry told those guys it was like playing with a popcorn machine. Because they got busy and were going in different directions and stuff, and there wasn't much rhyme or reason to it. Apr 28, 2014

Did the Grateful Dead play at Woodstock?

Back in 1969, the Grateful Dead played Woodstock on the evening of Saturday, August 16th, following sets by the Incredible String Band, Canned Heat, and Mountain. “It was raining toads when we played,” Weir told Rolling Stone in 1989. “The rain was part of our nightmare. Aug 24, 2021

What do the dancing bears mean?

Interesting sidebar : In the Inuit culture, the concept of the dancing bear signifies the transformation between shaman and spirit helper. Nov 29, 2020

What drugs did Bob Weir use?

In reality, cocaine and heroin were the dominant drugs for most of the Grateful Dead's history. Weir tried heroin with Garcia, but it somehow failed to sink its teeth into Weir in the same way it did his friend. May 28, 2019

Why do some drummers play behind a screen?

Why Do Drummers Sit Behind a Screen? Drummers may use drum screens/shields to help to control the volume of the drum kit and prevent it from overwhelming the sounds of the other instruments or vocals. Screens can also help to control the quality of the sound of the drum kit and help drummers to pick up certain sounds. Jan 18, 2021

Why the Grateful Dead is the best band ever?

It Was One of the Greatest Touring Bands of All Time The Grateful Dead played to an estimated 25 million people over their career—more than any other band in history. In 1998, The Guinness Book of World Records certified that the band had played the “most rock concerts ever performed” at the time with 2,318. Jul 5, 2015

What is the Grateful Dead called now?

Dead & Company is a band consisting of former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir (guitar and vocals), Mickey Hart (drums), and Bill Kreutzmann (drums), along with John Mayer (guitar and vocals), Oteil Burbridge (bass, percussion, and vocals), and Jeff Chimenti (keyboards).

Is Bob Weir a vegan?

Weir, now a longtime vegetarian, later adds, “There was a time back when that Jerry [Garcia] and I both went vegetarian for a couple of years. And, after about three weeks of being vegetarian, a peace came over me and it's subtle, but it's there. Believe me, it's there. I don't miss meat at all. Oct 9, 2021

How much is Jerry Garcia's estate worth?

Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, whose eclectic tastes ran from fine art to comic books, left an estate worth $9.9 million, according to court documents filed this week. death in a Marin County drug treatment facility in August 1995 but was revealed in documents filed by a probate referee. Mar 29, 1997

What kind of car does Bob Weir Drive?

Weir owns a BMW 535i sedan, and he was drawn to the flashy little Porsche, which offered him a very different driving experience. “I had some dangerous fun in this car,” he reported.

Is Bob Weir still performing?

Bobby Weir is currently touring across 1 country and has 23 upcoming concerts.

Does Grateful Dead still tour?

Dead and Company announced their 2022 summer tour at the end of March, and ticket sales for the shows went live Friday morning. The band will kick off their final tour on June 11 at Dodger Stadium, and their final show will be about a month later at Citi Field in New York on July 16th. Apr 8, 2022

Is Little Feat still touring?

Little Feat tour dates and tickets 2022-2023 near you Little Feat is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 26 concerts across 1 country in 2022-2023. View all concerts.

Who is Matt Busch?

Matthew Stuart "Matt" Busch (born September 22, 1972) is an American artist and entertainment illustrator. Matt Busch Education Art Center College of Design Occupation Illustrator, professor, author, writer, director, filmmaker Years active 1994–present Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m) 6

Who are the Wolf Pack Bob Weir?

History. Wolf Bros formed in 2018 as a trio, with Bob Weir on guitar and vocals, Don Was on double bass, and Jay Lane on drums. Billed as Bob Weir & Wolf Bros, they toured the U.S. with 19 concerts in the fall of that year. In the spring of 2019 they played another concert tour with 20 more shows.

What did Taylor Swift say about John Mayer?

In the lyrics to the song “Dear John” off of her Speak Now album that was released in October 2010, Taylor heavily inferred that she had been madly in love with a man named John, but that he played some serious games with her heart. Nov 15, 2021

Why did John Mayer leave Dead and Company?

John Mayer pulls out of Dead & Company shows after contracting COVID. John Mayer has tested positive for COVID and will no longer perform as part of Dead & Company's forthcoming 'Playing In The Sand' event. Jan 6, 2022

Why does John Mayer wear headphones with Dead and Company?

READ MORE: John Mayer's Dead & Company live rig revealed “I've started wearing headphones on stage, which has several benefits,” he captioned the post. “among them being able to have more of a dynamic touch on the guitar while also protecting my hearing. Aug 31, 2021

Why was playing in the sand Cancelled?

Dead and Company Cancels Playing in the Sand Festival Entirely Following John Mayer's Exit (Updated) "Additional COVID-19 cases amongst multiple artists and staff" were cited as a reason for canceling in a late Thursday statement from CID Presents. Jan 6, 2022

Will they cancel playing in the sand 2022?

CID clarified the cancelation in an email to ticket holders Thursday night. “It is with very heavy hearts that we must cancel both Dead & Company Playing in the Sand 2022 event weekends, due to additional COVID-19 cases amongst multiple artists and staff. Jan 6, 2022