Who is the shortest James Bond?

Who is the shortest James Bond?

How Daniel Craig's height compares to other Bond actors. According to Celeb Heights, Craig's measurements read at about 5 feet, -10 inches and some change. Craig is actually the shortest of all the Bond actors. Sep 24, 2021

How rich is Jason Statham?

Jason Statham's Net Worth is $500 million. Feb 21, 2022

How much did Daniel Craig get paid for Skyfall?

a $17 million How much did Daniel Craig make for Skyfall? Skyfall was the highest-grossing Bond film of all time, with a global box office gross of more than $1.1 billion. Craig reportedly had a $17 million salary for his third outing as Bond, plus $3 million in bonuses from box office grosses for a total of $20 million. Oct 8, 2021

How rich is Daniel Craig?

$160 million According to Celebrity Net Worth, Daniel Craig's net worth is $160 million as of 2021. His earnings come from not only his well-known appearances in the James Bond franchise, but also from his roles in other projects throughout the years. Oct 8, 2021

Was Jason Statham ever considered for James Bond?

Speaking at the premiere of his forthcoming film The Meg in Los Angeles, the British actor was asked if he would be interested in taking on the iconic character. “No-one is coming to me for that job,” he replied. Aug 8, 2018

Was Hugh Jackman offered James Bond?

According to Jackman, none of that interested him. The Bond scripts had become "so unbelievable and crazy," he claimed. "I felt like they needed to become grittier and real." Unfortunately, that decision would have been out of his hands. Mar 9, 2022

Was Clint Eastwood offered the role of James Bond?

Clint Eastwood Eastwood, who says he turned down offers for both James Bond and Superman, told the Daily Mail that he didn't feel right about it: “I was offered pretty good money to do James Bond if I would take on the role. But to me, well, that was somebody else's gig. Sep 3, 2015

Are Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig friends?

Hugh and Daniel are in fact longtime friends and even starred together on the Broadway stage in 2009′s A Steady Rain. Sep 30, 2021

Who is the next James Bond Hugh Jackman?

The clip that reach Hugh Jackman, made him chuckle a bit too. Sharing it on his official Twitter handle, he put the rumours to rest and said it is now confirmed that he is not the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. He wrote, “Well … that kills that rumor! Daniel, mate, you'll always be @007 to me. Sep 28, 2021

Are Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz still married?

The 007 star tied the knot in 2011 September 27, 2021 - 17:02 BST Rachel Avery. While Daniel Craig may be stepping down from the James Bond franchise, he is still very much committed to his wife Rachel Weisz, whom he has been married to since 2011. Sep 27, 2021

Who is Hugh Jackman's best friend?

Hugh Jackman's best friend Gus Worland reveals the A-list star was forced to mop up his vomit | Daily Mail Online. Jul 29, 2021

Is Henry Cavill James Bond?

Casino Royal director explains why Henry Cavill didn't get the part of James Bond. (Image credit: Warner Bros.) Casino Royale director Martin Campbell has finally set the record straight on why Henry Cavill was initially passed over for the part of James Bond. May 6, 2022

What did Hugh Jackman say to Daniel Craig?

"Over my dead body," Craig added with a smile. Captioning the clip, Jackman joked, "Well … that kills that rumor!" He added, "Daniel, mate, you will always be @007 to me. #notimetodie. I'm IN. Sep 27, 2021

Was Michael Caine ever considered for James Bond?

Sir Michael Caine is reported to have turned down the role after being offered it in 1967, at the time George Lazenby was being hired to fill Bond's shoes. Apr 20, 2021

Did Idris Elba turn down James Bond?

Speaking to ITV London Wednesday night on the red carpet at the opening gala of this year's London Film Festival at the BFI Southbank, the Luther star said: “No, I'm not going to be James Bond.” When pressed on whether he'd like to take the part on one day in the future, he replied: “Who wouldn't?” Oct 7, 2021