What's the best warzone loadout?

What's the best warzone loadout?

Here are the best Call of Duty Warzone Pacific loadout drops with the best Warzone guns and attachments, equipment, and perks: STG44 & MW MP5. Cooper Carbine & MP40. HDR & XM4. Kilo 141 & PPSh-41. Kar98k MW & Milano. CW AK47 & Armaguerra 43. MG42 & Volk. C58 & Mac-10. • 4 days ago

Who has the most KD in Warzone?

A Warzone KD significantly lower than 1.00, such as . Who has the highest KD in warzone? Rank Player K/D Ratio 1 keepreal #2181 28.81 2 tokisakikurumi#2742453 28.69 3 트레이 빌링슬리#4002205 24.31 4 mikoto#6653771 23.78

Who is the highest paid Warzone streamer?

1. Thomas 'Tommey' Trewren – $400,021.21. May 19, 2022

Who is the best CoD player 2021?

Chris 'Simp' Lehr Chris 'Simp' Lehr Recognized almost unanimously as the best CoD player in 2021, Simp was the CDL MVP this year, leading the league in multiple stat lines across all modes and never slowing down. Dec 19, 2021

How did NickMercs get rich?

NickMercs makes an income from Twitch through Subscriptions, Donations, and Advertisements. NickMercs makes a minimum of $3.50 from every subscriber he gets as he qualifies for the 70/30 sub split. This means he keeps 70% of his earnings from Twitch subs. Mar 4, 2022

What is Ninja's net worth?

What is Ninja's net worth in 2022? According to Celebrity Net Worth, the streamer has an estimated net worth of $40 million. His source of wealth comes from gaming/streaming and brand endorsements. 4 days ago

What is Tfues Warzone KD?

K/D Ratio 4.34.

Who has the best cod KD?

in the same way Is a 2 kd good in cod? Average kd is likely below 1.0 and a good kd would be 1.5 however a very skilled player would likely have a 2.0 kd. What is the highest KD in Call of Duty? Rank Player K/D Ratio 1 CodeAlicization 52,005.00 2 pxg_illusionz 787.00 3 xBMx 767.75 4 Truk Martian 215.29

What is a good KD in cod?

The general consensus is that if you are in the 0.9-1.1 KD region, then you're in a good spot and on board with the average. This means that you're pretty much killing one person for every one of your deaths. May 6, 2021

How much is teepee worth?

$300,000 TeePee Name Tyler Polchow Country of Birth United States Birthday July 3, 1992 (age 29) Est. Net Worth $300,000 Nov 18, 2021

How old is JoeWo?

JoeWoe Net Worth – Monthly Earnings, Age & More! Full Name Joseph Michael Wohala Age 23 Date of Birth October 16, 1997 Nationality American Net Worth $300,000 • Mar 19, 2022

Where does JoeWo live?

Gaming Origins JoeWo's family moved to North Carolina when he was in the second grade. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in April 2020.

What is Warzone worth?

SuperData, a now-shutdown game market intelligence company, reported that Warzone and Modern Warfare made around $1.93 billion in 2020, and NetBet estimates that Warzone makes around $1.9 billion a year. This puts Warzone's total earnings across 2020 and 2021 at around $4 billion US Dollars. Jan 19, 2022

Who is in Baka brothers?

Composed of members DiazBiffle, Repullze and LuckyChamu, The Baka Bros first met (before any of their streaming days) on the Call of Duty map. Brought together for a love for the game, and a wish to continually push and encourage the best within each other, the Baka Bros began.

Who is Biffle Diaz?

Diaz ""Biffle"" - - Call of Duty Player Diaz ""Biffle"" is an American Warzone player.

Who won Baka Bros tourney?

Team Repullze Team Repullze wins Baka Bros $50K Warzone Rebirth tournament: Final results. Just a few short months after running Warzone's very first major LAN event, the wild streaming trio that is the Baka Bros put together a $50k Warzone tournament on Rebirth Island. Apr 12, 2022

What language is the word Baka?

Baka is a Japanese word that means “crazy,” “foolish,” or downright “stupid.” It can also be used as a noun for “a fool” or “a crazy or stupid person.” Anime and manga fans in the West have adopted the use of baka as a (usually joking) insult. Oct 5, 2018

Who won Baka Bros Wonderland?

Tommey & Almond Tommey & Almond win $100K Baka WonderLAN Warzone tournament: Final results. Call of Duty: Warzone's rowdiest trio, the Baka Bros, hosted the first-ever LAN tournament for the title. And, in the end, one of the game's most notorious duos won out. Dec 18, 2021

Are Alexia and Cloakzy still dating?

Though Alexia has made jokes in the past to assure fans that yes, the two are still together, it's also been confirmed through their most recent picture together, shared in September 2021. Oct 7, 2021

Is Nickmercs Italian?

What is NICKMERCS ethnicity? NICKMERCS is of mixed ethnicity. He tweeted on May 14, 2018, saying that he is 10% Mexican. Aug 6, 2020