What is the Simpson gene?

What is the Simpson gene?

The Simpson 'gene' is actually an allelic anomaly that exerts phenotypic dominance over its counterpart locus on the X-chromosome donated by his mother, regardless of the fact that they are non-homologous. Mar 13, 2022

Does Bart have a twin?

Hugo Simpson is Bart's conjoined twin. Hugo Simpson. Gender: Male ♂ Relatives: Parents: Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson Siblings: Bart Simpson (twin), Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson 5 • Feb 28, 2022

Why does Bart call his dad Homer?

Bart will often address Homer by his given name instead of "Dad" (when he was a baby, this was because other adults would refer to him as this), while Homer in turn often refers to him as "the boy".

Who is the most evil character in The Simpsons?

As if there was any doubt, The Simpson's most prolific villain has to be Charles Montgomery Burns. The billionaire owner of Springfield Power Plant, Burns's dubious doings include poisoning the environment of the town, blocking out the sun and of course, releasing his hounds on many poor unsuspecting citizens. Oct 5, 2019

Is Lisa Simpson depressed?

But it has always been sharpest when it focuses on the relationships between Lisa, her family, and the wider world. “Moaning Lisa” sees Lisa describe symptoms of depression before she meets Bleeding Gums Murphy. Apr 16, 2018

Who does Maggie Simpson marry?

Like Bart, Lisa, and Homer, she is not fond of spending time with her aunts Patty and Selma. It is also known that she and Baby Gerald mutually dislike each other very much, despite apparently marrying and in one of the Simpsons Comics.

What is Marge Simpson's full name?

Marjorie Jacqueline Simpson Marge Simpson Voiced by Julie Kavner In-universe information Full name Marjorie Jacqueline Simpson (née Bouvier) Occupation Housewife 1s

Who is Homer's favorite child?

Homer takes a deep breath, warns the family about announcing his favorite child might have disastrous consequences, & smiles at Marge. Bart stomps his feet & shouts, "Just tell us already!" Homer scowls at Bart. Homer's favorite is Bart.

Is Maggie an alien?

Homer receives an evil hair transplant; Bart and Lisa get trapped in an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon; Maggie is revealed to be an alien.

How old is Bart?

Bart's age is a bit easier to take a swing at hitting, as Bart actually had a birthday officially take place onscreen. Bart turned 10 in the season 3 episode "Radio Bart," and has always canonically been 10 since, making him 38-years-old as of 2020. Jun 4, 2020

Why did Marge not get the gl50 9k TV?

Bart and Lisa wanted one for Christmas so Marge went to Sprawl-Mart on Black Friday to get one in a sale. However, she decided to help Gil Gunderson get a Futon Friend and couldn't get a TV in time, which disappointed Bart and Lisa. Dec 10, 2018

What is Maggie worried the gnome will do?

The Gnome doesn't need food or sleep and never shuts his eyes. Maggie became scared of the Gnome after hearing all of this. Homer then makes Maggie feel worse by telling her that if she's not good, the Gnome will nibble Maggie's fingers. Jan 13, 2022

What does Homer do to make Marge feel better about not getting the TV for Christmas?

Marge tells Homer that she's not mad at him and Homer manages to crash Marge's car into the same lamppost. When Marge tells the kids that they won't be getting a smart TV for Christmas, the kids were disappointed, saying that they figured that would be the case. Mar 11, 2022

Is Marge older than Homer?

Marge Simpson - 34 in the show, 58 in 2016 Back in season two episode "The Way We Was", Marge is shown as a high school senior with Homer, making her 18 years old in 1974. Doing the maths we'd assume she'd be the same age as Homer, but in season one's "Some Enchanted Evening" Marge calls in Dr.

Will The Simpsons ever end?

Currently in its 33rd season and being renewed through its 34th, The Simpsons is confirmed to be on the air until at least 2023, but if history is anything to go by, it'll continue long after. Apr 4, 2022