What does Eric Lindros do for a living?

What does Eric Lindros do for a living?

Eric Bryan Lindros (/ˈlɪndrɒs/; born February 28, 1973) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player. Eric Bryan Lindros is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player. Lindros was born in London, Ontario, but grew up in Toronto. He played junior hockey in the Ontario Hockey League for the Oshawa Generals prior to being chosen first overall in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft by the Quebec Nordiques.

How many concussions does Eric Lindros have?

Eric Lindros Philadelphia's infamous number 88 had at least eight concussions — the most notable resulting from a Scott Stevens open-ice hit in the 2000 playoffs — prematurely ending what had the potential to become one of the greatest careers in NHL history. Jan 21, 2017

Did Eric Lindros ever win a Stanley Cup?

One of the most anticipated young players to never make it huge, Eric Lindros also never won a Stanley Cup championship. He was the OHL's all-time leading scorer, passing Bobby Orr in the process. Had Lindros not been hindered his entire career by concussion and injury problems, he might have been higher on the list.

Who won the Lindros trade?

The Flyers The Flyers eventually won Lindros with an offer that included Peter Forsberg, Mike Ricci, Chris Simon, Steve Duchesne, Kerry Huffman, Ron Hextall, and two first-round picks. The trade led directly to two Stanley Cups, but not for the Flyers. Jul 6, 2021

What did the Rangers offer for Lindros?

In 1992 the New York Rangers made a bold move, offering a king's ransom for the rights to the best prospect in hockey, Eric Lindros. May 5, 2020

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What ended Lindros career?

He said in a recent interview with the Toronto Star the effects of all the head injuries he's suffered over his career is what led him to this final decision. "I don't think I would ever admit it while I was playing, but that's what I feel," Lindros said.

How long are hockey players out after a concussion?

You should be symptom-free at rest for 5-7 days before starting the following progressive steps. There should be approximately 24 hours in between each step. If any symptoms return at any time during this action plan, stop working out. Rest until you are symptom-free for 24 hours.

Why did Eric Lindros wear 88?

88: Before playing in the NHL Eric originally selected number 88 for his jersey to honor the memory of the late John McCauley.

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How good was Lindros?

Lindros had 73 points (37 goals, 36 assists) in 72 games with the Rangers and won a gold medal with Canada at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2001-02, then played two more seasons with New York, one with the Toronto Maple Leafs and one with the Dallas Stars.

Where does Eric Lindros rank all time?

Eric Lindros In his prime, Lindros was an unstoppable force, crunching opponents and racking up points at will. He made two All-Star teams and won the Hart Trophy in 1995, while his 1.14 career PPG average ranks 17th all time entering this season. Sep 28, 2017

How many years did Eric Lindros play in the NHL?

13 seasons During the course of his 13 seasons in the NHL, Lindros played in just 760 games, tallying 865 points while scoring 372 goals in regular season play. Mar 17, 2020

How many goals did Eric Lindros score?

372 goals Lindros had 372 goals, 493 assists, and a plus-minus of +215 in 760 games played.

Did Lindros play for Quebec?

The Eric Lindros trade was the culmination of a holdout by Eric Lindros from the Quebec Nordiques of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Nordiques selected Lindros in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft with the first overall selection, but Lindros refused to play for them.