What is Otto Group worth?

What is Otto Group worth?

With revenues exceeding $15 billion, Otto Group has more than 40 companies in retail (including Crate and Barrel), real estate and financial services.

Who is Michael Otto?

Michael Otto (born 12 April 1943), is the chairman of the supervisory board of Germany's Otto Group, the world's largest mail order company, with US$24 billion in sales in fiscal year 2003.

Who is the owner of Otto?

Michael Otto Otto GmbH Type Private Owner Michael Otto Number of employees 51′982 (2019/2020) Subsidiaries Crate & Barrel, bonprix, About You, 3 Suisses Website www.ottogroup.com

What countries does Otto operate in?

Through 30 major company groups it has a presence in more than 30 countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. With online sales of 9.9 billion euros, the Otto Group is one of the world's largest online retailers.

How many sellers does Otto have?

400 sellers Currently (as of November 2020), the marketplace has already accepted over 400 sellers. Traders can find out more and register on the OTTO Marketplace.

Is Otto publicly traded?

The Otto Group is a family company and is not listed on any stock exchange. Since 2009 we are active as an issuer in the bond market.

Where does the surname Otto come from?

Otto is a masculine German given name and a surname. It originates as an Old High German short form (variants Audo, Odo, Udo) of Germanic names beginning in aud-, an element meaning "wealth, prosperity".

What does Otto stand for?

Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Acronym. Definition. OTTO. Oblivious to the Obvious.

Is Otto a good name?

The name Otto is boy's name of German origin meaning "wealthy". Cutting-edge parents have revived this German name a la Oscar. Like most German names, Otto fell out of favor during and after the two World Wars – it had been a Top 100 name in the years preceding.

What does Otto mean Japanese?

おっと • (otto) oops, whoops, whoa, oh no, oh my quotations ▼

Does Otto own Crate and Barrel?

Crate and Barrel is the business name that the store operates under. It is completely owned by Otto GmbH. It was founded in 1962 in Chicago Illinois by Gordon and Carol Segal. Dec 14, 2021

What is the stock symbol for Otto aviation?

OTTEF OTTEF - Otto Energy Limited.

Who can sell on Otto?

You can sell on OTTO if your business is in one or more of the following sectors: Fashion. Sports. Furniture. Electronics. Homewares. Toys. Appliances.

How do I sell something in Otto Germany?

To sell on Otto, you must meet the following general requirements: You have an establishment in Germany, designed according to a German legal form. You have a German VAT number. You are the seller and your customers are the end customers of the product. You offer customer service in German.

What does Otto company do?

Since more than 70 years OTTO is one of the most successful e-commerce companies and the largest online retailer of fashion and lifestyle products for end-consumers in Germany.

What is Otto brand?

OTTO | #1 Men's Lifestyle Brand of India – ottostore.com.

What is Otto online shopping?

About OTTO Part of the Otto Group, OTTO is the largest online retailer for end consumer fashion and lifestyle in Germany, and the second-largest B2C online retailer altogether.

Who is the brand ambassador of OTTO shirts?

Popular Malayalam film actor Dulquer Salmaan was roped in as the brand ambassador of the OTTO clothing brand. Sep 14, 2017

Is OTTO an Indian brand?

Company is registered in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Registrar Office. Otto Clothing Private Limited registered address is NO. 1, [INJALA SUBRAMANIAM STT NAGRA, CHENNAI T NAGRA, CHENNAI T NAGRA, CHENNAI TN 600017 IN.

Who is OTTO apocalypse?

Otto Apocalypse was born in the 15th century and was the youngest son of the Bishop of Schicksal, the young master of the Apocalypse family. He is known for involved in many secret experients in order to revive his loved one.