Was Austin McBroom in the NBA?

Was Austin McBroom in the NBA?

Jun 23, 2016 - Austin McBroom went undrafted in the 2016 NBA Draft making him an Unrestricted FA.

How rich is Austin McBroom?

McBroom has 6.5 million followers on Instagram. On Instagram, he mostly shows his family life in pictures and videos. As of 2022, Austin McBroom's net worth is estimated to be roughly $2 million. Apr 26, 2022

What is Austin McBroom famous for?

McBroom is a well-known YouTuber who shot to fame after posting videos onto the video platform of his young and family and their daily routines. While he has amassed a large fan base expanding to over 18m subscribers, the 29-year-old initially gained a reputation for being a good basketball player. May 20, 2021

Why was the Ace family evicted?

ACE Family responds to house eviction Catherine McBroom stated in the same video that the ACE Family was unable to receive a loan while facing foreclosure as they did not have a certificate of occupancy. Nov 29, 2021

Are Austin's parents divorced?

Austin McBroom's parents are Michole and Allen McBroom. The two are now divorced, and Allen is married to his second wife, Erica McBroom. Allen McBroom has made multiple appearances on his son Austin's YouTube channel, 'The ACE Family. ' Jun 8, 2021

What race is Catherine from Ace family?

Austin McBroom's wife, Catherine Paiz, is of Panamanian ethnicity. However, the fitness model herself was born in Montreal, Canada, on August 24,1990. Jun 17, 2021

How did The ACE Family get so rich?

The family earned its money through YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales, and sponsorship money, a common path for YouTube's creator community. Half their money is already buried in real estate. The ACE family spent $10 million building a mansion and documenting the process for their YouTube audience.

Is The ACE Family broke?

The foreclosure came after the YouTuber failed to produce mortgage payments and taxes. They were also being sued for $65,000 by their former landlords as they failed to pay the rent on time, and they broke the contract. Mar 5, 2022

Did Ace family lose their house?

After months of denying the reports, YouTube's endlessly controversial ACE Family — comprised of married super-influencers Austin McBroom and Catherine McBroom (née Dolores Paiz), plus their three young children — finally admitted to losing their California mega-mansion to the hungry jaws of foreclosure. Jan 11, 2022

How did Austin and Catherine meet?

The two originally met at a dinner party, back in 2015, as Austin relayed to Power 106 Los Angeles. As far as he's concerned, Catherine was into him from the outset. "Got there, shook her hand, and she was thinking about me ever since," he joked. Aug 13, 2020

What is Austin McBroom real name?

Austin McBroom Wiki Austin McBroom Wiki & Biography Real Name Austin McBroom Nickname Austin Profession Basketball player, Youtuber Age 31 years (2023) 54 • 6 days ago

What does Austin McBroom dad do?

Austin and Landon's father also works at The Painted Turtle, a camp the helps young children with mental health problems. Michole, meanwhile, is an entrepreneur and the founder of the clothing brand Lidstick Diaries. Austin and Landon were both born in Los Angeles, California. Sep 30, 2021

Who bought the Ace family house 2021?

Henry Russell Walter In any case, McBroom and Paiz have long since vacated the premises, and their landlord has now sold off the mansion for $3.1 million. The buyer is Henry Russell Walter — the music producer better known as Cirkut — who frequently collaborates with Kanye West, Rihanna, Katy Perry and The Weeknd. Sep 28, 2021

Who owns the Ace family house?

Austin and Catherine McBroom On December 10 Austin and Catherine McBroom revealed their new luxury home in a YouTube video. It features two waterfalls, a boxing ring, a home movie theatre, and a piano that plays itself. The YouTubers' previous $10 million mansion was foreclosed on earlier this year. Dec 15, 2021

What is wrong with the ACE family?

The ACE Family was recently forced to admit that their mansion was up for foreclosure, leading to them having to leave their “dream home.” In a recent video, Austin and Catherine McBroom detailed the reasons behind their decision to leave their $10 million mansion, citing house structural issues. Dec 1, 2021

Are Austin and Landon full brothers?

Landon McBroom was born on September 26th, 1996. The 24-year-old is well known for being the younger brother of YouTube royalty, ACE Family's Austin McBroom.

Is Catherine Paiz adopted?

Catherine was born in Montreal, Canada, but her birth mother had to give her up for adoption. Her foster dad impulsively told her birth mother that they would name Catherine after her, so her real name is actually Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz. She also had to work for just about everything she wanted. May 3, 2022

Are Ryan and Catherine full siblings?

Meet Her Siblings Out of the bunch, you're probably most familiar with her younger brother Ryan Johnston, who's been featured on the ACE Family's YouTube channel several times. Catherine has always been close to her 27-year-old bro, and over the years, he and Austin, 28, have developed a close bond. Jun 22, 2020

Does Kylie Jenner know The ACE Family?

Kylie Jenner has been good friends with the McBroom family for a while. For those of you who don't know, the McBroom's, aka The ACE Family, are social media stars with millions of followers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Jun 26, 2020

How much is The ACE Family worth 2021?

The ACE Family is the name of a popular YouTube channel led by Austin McBroom and his wife Catherine Paiz McBroom. According to Financhill, the popular and oft-controversial YouTubers were worth a whopping $22 million as of 2020. Jul 7, 2021