By Mixxerly Updated: OCTOBER 07, 2021

Reported just now on 07 October 2021.

Blogger/Blogspot users worldwide are having trouble editing gadgets on the layouts section of their blog. Currently, we are also experiencing this issue where I can't edit any gadgets on my blogs. I first thought there is something wrong with my blog but then I have tried and tested it on my other blogs. Only then I discovered this is an issue with all other bloggers/Blogspot blogs as well.

When we try to add a new gadget we get the following error:

Whoops, that's an error. We apologize for the inconvenience. Try refreshing the page to see if things are back in order.

Refreshing the page multiple times and also clearing the cookies and cache as suggested on the error report did not solve the problem. No matter what you do, blogger widget is not working.

We tried to contact blogger support and also asked on the official Google blogger help forums. So far Blogger experts could not give any viable solution to this problem. They have indicated that there is an internal issue going on inside Blogger and they are trying to fix it.

As a user of, we don't need to worry about the problem because it will be fixed as soon as possible. So the best thing to do right is waiting patiently and work on your other things like writing posts.