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Chris Wang is a Taiwanese actor, model, singer and writer. He previously went by the stage name Wang Yu-xiang.

He got his start in show business when hosting the popular Taiwanese travel show The King of Adventure. As of , Chris Wang has an estimated net worth of about $12M.

At a Glance

Full name: Chris Wang

Other names: Wang Yu-sheng

Birthday: 9 June 1982


Net worth: $12M

Occupation: Actor, Model, TV Host, Voice Actor, Author, Singer.

Nationality: Taiwan / Republic of China

Net Worth

Chris Wang established himself as a successful actor, model, singer, and author. He is best known for hosting the series ‘The King of Adventure’. After that show Chris Wang started his acting career and appeared on many TV series such as ‘Lucky Days,’ ‘The Fierce Wife,’ ‘Inborn Pair,’ ‘Love Me or Leave Me,’ ‘A Hint of You,’ ‘Big Red Riding Hood,’ ‘Love Family,’ ‘A Time of Love,’ ‘Aim High,’ and ‘Love Cuisine’. As of , Chris Wang has an estimated net worth of about $12M.

Favorite Quotes from Chris Wang

“Travel is not meant to be forever. We’ll probably keep doing this until my daughter goes to primary school next July.” – Chris Wang
“I thought, this world is so big. Why should I limit myself to the kind of life others have told me is perfect? It was during this time that a Japanese cruise company approached me for a collaboration, and I thought, my kids are turning five and three soon, it’s time they got to know more about this world!” – Chris Wang
“I could not sleep the day before we started filming because it’s been so long since I’ve had a leading role. I had to work harder for this than for my previous roles because I had to catch up and warm up again. The moment I stepped onto the plane set, the cabin crew in me took over. I became very detail-oriented and was checking the counters to see if they were clean if the bread baskets were in the proper position.” – Chris Wang
“Playing with kids is an interesting thing to do. But when we engage in some dangerous acts, although the child will feel happy, I will think to myself whether that is appropriate. I observe how my niece reacts when I play with her so that I know how to have fun with my daughter in future.” – Chris Wang
“To be honest, my good friends, Yixian herself, and even I had the same thoughts in the past. Before I got married, I was always very private about my relationships, not just to the public but also to my family members. When I decided that Yixian was the one, I summed up my courage to tell them about our relationship.” – Chris Wang
“I had a bit of a prankster’s mindset going into the scene. After our kiss cam was shown, I observed the reaction of the audience and they were looking around trying to find out where we were seated.” – Chris Wang

Life & Career

Wang Yu-sheng is a Taiwanese actor and TV host who was born on 9 June 1982 in Taipei, Taiwan. He attended New Taipei Municipal Yong-Ping High School. He has a degree in finance from National Central University. During college, he took a job in Australia for the summer and biked across the desert. After he returned to Taiwan, he saw the international-travel show "The King of Adventure" was looking for a new host, and recommended himself at the show's blog site.

The show's producers were impressed by him and he became the show's fourth host in 2008. When Chris had first seen the show on TV a few years before, he had shouted at his friends that he wanted to host the show someday.

He started acting in TV drama series with a role in "Lucky Days: Second Time Around", 2010's "I Love You" and then "P.S. Man". His fame rose as one of the male leads on the record-setting drama, in 2010 "The Fierce Wife", and its movie sequel, 2012 "The Fierce Wife Final Episode". He followed up with leading roles in shows such as 2011's "They Are Flying", "Inborn Pair", and 2012 "Love Me or Leave Me".

Aside from winning awards for hosting The King of Adventure, his success in dramatic roles has proven him to be a rising actor with great potential and international appeal. Chris has also released a music album in 2013 and published several books.