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Gabbie Hanna is an American singer-songwriter, Internet personality, author, and actress. She started her career on the short form video service Vine, under the name The Gabbie Show, then started a YouTube channel with the same name a year later; both were nominated for awards. She won a Streamy Award for storyteller in 2018.

Hanna released a poetry book titled Adultolescence in September 2017 and another titled Dandelion in October 2020. She ventured into the music industry with her debut single "Out Loud" (2017), and has released multiple singles and two EPs as of 2020. Her debut extended play, 2WayMirror, was released on May 31, 2019, and her second EP, Bad Karma was released on May 15, 2020. As of , Gabbie Hanna has an estimated net worth of about $3M.

At a Glance

Full name: Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna

Other names: Gabbie Hanna

Birthday: February 7, 1991


Net worth: $3M

Occupation: Youtuber, Internet Personality, Singer-Songwriter, Author, Actress, Podcaster.

Nationality: United States of America.

Net Worth

In January 2018, Hanna was nominated for YouTuber of the Year at the 10th Shorty Awards and for the Social Star Award at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Hanna released her third single "Honestly" and its encore "Honestly (Encore)" in August 2018. "Honestly" gained minor success in the United States, where it peaked at number 21 on Billboard's Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. As of , Gabbie Hanna has an estimated net worth of about $3M.

Early life

Hanna was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She has six siblings and is of Lebanese, French, and Polish descent. In 2013, Hanna graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in psychology and communications. After college, she worked for a marketing company that sold products out of a Sam's Club; she became the top salesperson in the U.S. for the company and moved to Cleveland, Ohio, to help start a new branch of the company. However, she departed after realizing that they relied on a pyramid scheme.

Favorite Quotes from Gabbie Hanna

“I hate to admit this, but a lot of it is trying to prove the haters wrong. It’s like, ‘Make your haters your motivators.’ So when someone tells you that you can’t do something, it makes you want to do it more.” – Gabbie Hanna
“I’m an independent artist. I own my own masters and no one can tell me what to do, which is nice. But there are a couple of labels I would love to work with. If Fueled By Ramen called me, I’d definitely be interested!” – Gabbie Hanna
“I always wanted to be a YouTuber but I couldn’t because I was poor and didn’t have a computer. I also didn’t have the time to make videos, so it wasn’t reasonable to expect it to happen. My first YouTube videos were shot and edited by a friend because I didn’t have the equipment.” – Gabbie Hanna
“I actually did a whole video on the psychology of YouTube. When you get immediate attention and reward, your brain actually changes. It’s operant conditioning. Like, ‘I do this and people like me. I do that and people like me.’ And if your numbers start to drop, that affects your self-esteem. You think ‘People like me less now because I didn’t get as many likes as before.’” – Gabbie Hanna
“I’m really sensitive and get upset by hate comments and probably always will. But I always tell myself that people don’t leave negative comments if they don’t feel bad about themselves. There was this one girl who posted, ‘You’re so full of yourself. How many more pictures of you do we need on Instagram?’ And then I went to her page and it was literally her in a bra and underwear, in the same bathroom selfie, four times. She was clearly just an insecure girl.” – Gabbie Hanna


2013–2016: Vine and YouTube success

Hanna began uploading skits to Vine in late 2013 and later gained recognition for her activity on the Vine app, where she accumulated around five million followers. She later created a second YouTube channel, The Gabbie Vlogs (changed to More Gabbie Hanna in 2019), which has gained over 1.5 million subscribers and nearly 200 million views as of September 2020. After Vine shut down in 2016, Hanna focused on YouTube. Meanwhile, she was nominated for two Teen Choice Awards — Choice Web Star: Female and Choice Viner. In late 2016, Hanna joined the lip sync tour Drop the Mic alongside other YouTubers.

2017–2018: Acting, music, and Adultolescence

In 2017, Hanna released a book of poetry, Adultolescence (2017). Around the same time, she premiered her debut single "Out Loud" along with its music video and announced plans to release an album. A few months later, Creative Artists Agency signed Hanna and she joined MTV's social media team. In June 2017, Hanna joined the main cast of web series Escape the Night as the vaudevillian and appeared in seven episodes. She co-hosted the revival of Total Request Live in October 2017. In November 2017, she released a non-album single "Satellite" with an accompanying lyrics video. However, the song has since been removed from all platforms.

She released the single "Monster" and its encore "Monster (Reborn)" in October. At the 8th Annual Streamy Awards, Hanna won an award for Storyteller and was nominated for First Person and Audience Choice: Creator of the Year.

On a 2018 interview on Genius' Verified, she sang her song "Monster" a cappella but due to technical errors, the microphone was unable to record her voice properly. Fans spliced in clips, including vines and voice distortions, at the point of technical error to create a meme. Hanna has since released merchandise showcasing her singing face during the meme.

2019–present: 2WayMirror, Bad Karma, and This Time Next Year

On February 2, 2019, Hanna released "Medicate", the first single from her debut extended play titled 2WayMirror. On May 31, 2019, 2WayMirror was released, alongside the music video for "Butterflies", the second single from the EP. The project's high sales allowed Hanna to peak at number 5 on Billboard's Top Emerging Artists chart. On June 7, 2019, Hanna released the music video for "Perfect Day (A True Story)", and on August 17, 2019, Hanna released the music video for "Pillowcase".

Hanna reprised her role in the fourth season of Escape the Night and portrayed a Hollywood Star. She was nominated for Choice Comedy Web Star at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. Hanna headlined at the inaugural Patreon Assembly on November 2, 2019.

On November 16, 2019, Hanna released the music video for her song "Broken Girls". Ten days later, Hanna released the debut episode of her podcast Unfollow Your Dreams (formerly named Box Of Thoughts), co-hosted by Irene Walton.

On April 30, 2020, Hanna announced the preorder of her second EP, Bad Karma. The first single from the EP, "Dandelion", was released on April 17, 2020, and the second single, "Glass House", was released on May 1, 2020. The EP was released on May 15, 2020.

On September 25, 2020, Hanna released "Call Me Crazy", the lead single from her then planned studio album, This Time Next Year. On October 30, 2020, she released "Shut Me Up", the album's second single.

In February 2021, Hanna signed with the record label FrtyFive. Hanna stated that she scrapped This Time Next Year and her new album would be released in late 2021.