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Mike D is an American rapper and founding member of the hip hop group the Beastie Boys. Diamond raps, sing, and play drums. He has provided remixes for Moby and Björk.

As of , Mike D has an estimated net worth of about $95M.

At a Glance

Full name: Michael Louis Diamond

Other names: Mike D, Mike Diamond, Country Mike, The King of Lunch, Meshach

Birthday: November 20, 1965


Net worth: $95M

Occupation: Rapper, Musician, Songwriter, Drummer, Fashion designer.

Nationality: United States of America

Net Worth

Mike D is among the most popular rappers in the USA. He was able to build a successful career in music and also make a fortune from his rap music career. As of , Mike D has an estimated net worth of about $95M.

Early Life

Mike D was born in New York City to a Jewish household. His father Harold Diamond was an art dealer, and his mother Hester Diamond was an interior designer. Mike attended arts-oriented Saint Ann's School and Walden School (New York City).

Favorite Quotes from Mike D

“Hopefully everybody in the audience thinks, ‘That’s cool. I could do that.’ I don’t like the thought that they say, ‘I saw the Beastie Boys last night, and they’re mega-stars.’ I’m a lot happier when the kids who come backstage or to the hotel try to give us tapes of what they’ve done instead of just getting an autograph.” – Mike D
“Obviously, there are moments that you look back at and cringe – things in the past involving violence or disrespect to women or disrespect to other people that are so far away from what I want to put out there now. But it’s actually a privilege to be able to change and be making records that reflect that change.” – Mike D
“Wine is similar to music in that it’s a purely experiential realm, and it’s a purely subjective practice. That’s sort of the funny thing about wine criticism or, for that matter, music criticism. At times, those are useful guides, but ultimately it’s all about how you react to that music or wine.” – Mike D
“London cabs always dis me. I purposefully give them a good tip because I’m trying to straighten up the image where they don’t want to pick up some shady-looking, bummy kid like myself. I’m trying to teach them that if you pick up the bummy-looking kid, you still get tipped, man. But they still jerk me around.” – Mike D
“Dub has been a big influence in terms of production. It’s inspired so many people and so much music – in terms of music where the mixing desk was the instrument. Central to that is the echo chamber, and I think there’s a little bit of a romantic thing there.” – Mike D


In 1979, Diamond co-founded the band The Young Aborigines. In 1981, Adam Yauch, aka MCA, a friend and follower of the band, became their bass player, and on the suggestion of their then-guitar player, John Berry, the band changed their name to the Beastie Boys. By 1983, Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) joined, and their sound began to shift away from punk to hip hop.

In 1992, Diamond founded the Beastie Boys' now-defunct record label Grand Royal Records. He is also interested in interior decoration, and designed Brooklyn-themed toile wallpaper; it was used in the renovation of the Marquee nightclub in Chelsea, which reopened in January 2013.

A year after the death of Yauch in 2012, Diamond told Rolling Stone he was "excited about making new stuff again" and released "Humberto Vs the New Reactionaries (Christine and the Queens Remix)" in July 2013. A remix of Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band's "Bad Dancer" by Diamond and Adam Horovitz was streamed online in August 2013.

The pair is credited with "additional beats, programming and other curve balls". In October 2014, Diamond stated that he had been working in the studio with American rock band Portugal. The Man as a producer. He has also produced English punk outfit Slaves' second studio album, Take Control, which was released on September 30, 2016.

In 2017, Diamond did a remix of Jack Johnson's song "Big Sur".