King Bach Net Worth & Biography




King Bach is a Canadian-American Internet personality, actor, and content creator who was the most followed user on the now-defunct video-sharing service Vine with 11.3 million followers.

King Bach posts different types of videos on YouTube and he has 2.44M subscribers on his YouTube channel BachelorsPadTv and 20.3m followers on his Instagram. As of , King Bach has an estimated net worth of about $4M.

At a Glance

Full name: Andrew Byron Bachelor

Other names: Andrew Bach, King Bach.

Birthday: June 26, 1988


Net worth: $4M

Occupation: Internet Personality, Actor, Comedian, YouTuber.

Nationality: United States of America, Canada.

Net Worth

King Bach is one of the most successful individuals who rose to fame on the internet. He started out just by posting funny videos on different video sharing platforms. After the shut down of Vine, he kept doing what he loves to do. He quickly shifted to other platforms and now he has more than 2M subscribers and millions of views on his YouTube videos. As of , King Bach has an estimated net worth of about $4M.

Early Life

Bachelor was born in the neighborhood of Rexdale in Toronto, Ontario to Jamaican parents, accountants Ingrid Mourice and Byron Bachelor. He has one younger sister named Christina. He was two years old when he moved with his family to West Palm Beach, Florida.

His strict parents raised him in a Christian household. He attended Coral Springs Charter School for both middle school and high school. After graduating, Bachelor enrolled at Florida State University, where he competed in the high jump.

He also took part in a club called 30in60 which is an elite collegiate comedy sketch troupe. He graduated from Florida State University in 2010, with a degree in business management. While at Florida State, Bachelor became a member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.

Afterward, he enrolled in a graduate program at the New York Film Academy, but dropped out in his last semester and moved to Los Angeles. He then studied improvisational theatre at The Groundlings.

Favorite Quotes from King Bach

“When I start doing movies, that’ll be the time to pack Vine in. Quit when you’re on top. Be the king.” – King Bach
“I’m theatrically trained. Before Vine, before any of the social media, I was an actor. I was going to auditions; I was taking the classes.” – King Bach
“I knew since third grade I wanted to be Jim Carrey. His freedom, his goofiness, his crazy, loud, sudden energy. I told my family I was going to be a pediatrician, but in the back of my mind, I was like, ‘Nope, I’m going to be the biggest movie star ever.” – King Bach
“I started from scratch when I came out. And the reason that I started doing these videos was that, going to these auditions, I noticed that they kept giving these roles to people who already were somebody; like Marlon Wayans and Don Cheadle. I was like, These guys aren’t actually auditioning for these roles. So I thought to myself, I need to make a following to break into this industry.” So I started making these YouTube videos, so I could make a reel.” – King Bach
“A lot of Viners do more relatable stuff, but I try to stay away from that. I try to maybe take a relatable situation and Bach it up.” – King Bach
“I just use all the skills that I learned in film school, and I just incorporate them into my sketches. People don’t realize that, with a story, there has to be a beginning, middle, and end. There has to be a problem and a resolution. Just because it’s six seconds doesn’t mean it’s not a story.” – King Bach


King Bach earned 11.3 million followers and over six billion loops on Vine, ranking first on the app for number of followers. He took the title of the most-followed person on Vine in March 2015.

Though best known for Vine, Bachelor is also known for his YouTube channel, BachelorsPadTv. The channel and its videos have been covered by several online publications, including FSU News. Bachelor has stated that he turned down most requests to upload sponsored Vines.

Bachelor's Vine stardom led to him signing with UTA and landing a recurring role in House of Lies. In addition, he at one point was a recurring cast member on Wild 'n Out on MTV2. He was also on a series regular on the Adult Swim series Black Jesus and had a recurring role on The Mindy Project.

Bachelor also had a role in the spoof comedy film Fifty Shades of Black and was a special guest host for the revived version of Punk'd on BET. He appeared as a fictional version of himself in the 2015 film We Are Your Friends.

Bachelor was introduced to Vine by Brittany Furlan, before uploading his first Vine video on April 19, 2013. He starred in several of Bart Baker's parodies of music videos, portraying Big Sean in "Problem" and "Break Free", Pharrell Williams in "Happy", Juicy J in "Dark Horse", and Tupac Shakur in the parody for Sia's "Big Girls Cry".

Bach co-starred in McG's horror film The Babysitter. He reprised his role in the sequel The Babysitter: Killer Queen.