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Bugzy Malone is the famous grime rap musician, songwriter and actor from Manchester, United Kingdom. His real name is Aaron Davis. He is specially recognized for bringing back "grime" genre to the UK urban scene replacing regular commercial music.

He is considered as the most commercially successful Manchester grime rap musician in the United Kingdom. As of today, our trusted sources found that he has a net worth of about $2M.

At a Glance

Full name: Aaron Davis

Stage name: Bugzy Malone

Birthday: December 20, 1990


Net Worth: $2 Million

Source of Wealth: Professional Music

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Net Worth

How much is Bugzy Malone worth? From 2010 to until today Bugzy was able to create several successful music albums, mixtapes, EPs etc. In this time, he released three Extended plays (mini albums) all of which were placed on the UK Albums Chart top 10.

His album "King of the North" peaked at No.4 in the UK Albums Chart in 2017. His other two EPs are "Walk with me (2015)" and "Facing Time (2016)" both of which were also successful.

These continuous success helped him to steadily achieve an estimated subtle net worth of about $2 million according to trusted sources. This net worth is also expected to be increased significantly in the coming years as Bugzy is currently only 29 years old(2020).

Social Media Presence

Bugzy has active social media profiles and has quite a lot following there. Currently, he has about 1.5m followers on his instagram. Bugzy also maintains a twitter profile where he has more than 300K followers.

His facebook page which he calls the "The Bugzy Malone Show" has more than 335K followers. He has an official website also named "The Bugzy Malone Show"(thebugzymaloneshow.co.uk). His YouTube channel which he started on Oct 23, 2010 currently has about 265M views.

Early Life & Family Backgroud

Aaron was born in Crumpsall, Manchester on 20 December 1990. In an interview with the Manchester Evening News in 2016, Bugzy pointed out that certain members of his family was involved into various criminal activities. And when he was a child he used to listen all these stories from his family members and then when he grew up a little more he went out. And he heard the stories about his family there as well. He said all these stories about his family greatly influenced his childhood.

Financially, his family were not doing good and were actually in poverty. Aaron didn't get to meet his biological father as a child. His stepfather was the father figure for him. But That also didn't last long because his parents got divorced.

Bugzy told the VICE about his past life and criminal activites in an interview in 2017. He said he got involved in such activities at a very young age of 11. When he was in year 9 he got expelled from the schoold becasue of these incidents. At that time, he was only 14 years old.

His musician name Bugzy came from the nickname "Bugz" which he recieved when he joined a gang at the age of 13.

Unfortunately, at that age he didn't know how to control himself and continued taking part in such activities. Then at the age of 16 he was arrested.

He was sent to the "HMP Stoke Heath" and as a result he couldn't take part in his GCSE exams. He went out of there at the age of 17. When he was locked up, it made him realize that he is better than this and he can do better things rather than comitting crimes.

So after he was freed from there, he choose boxing to avoid returning to his past life. Aaron used to live near his real father in Marple, Greater Manchester but they lost contact by time and he then went to live near Heaton Park at the age of 20.

At his leisure time he used to listen to the music of the "Risky Roadz" DVD series. This inspired him to start rapping. When he was with friends he used to freestyle to the music his friends played on their phone.

Bugzy's Music Career

In 2010 Bugzy realeased his debut mixtape, SwaggaMan. At that time he also used to do freestyling for northern grime YouTube channel KODH TV on their series "Spray Out Freestyle".

He became a little bit popular and also got the opportunity to take part in other major urban YouTube channels like the "Grime Daily".

In 2011, he released his second mixtape "Why So Serious" inspired by the famous movie dialogue of the "Joker" from the "Batman" movies.

His lead single from that mixtape "Hip Hop Heavy Metal" now has more than 2M views on YouTube.

In 2012 he released his second music video. He announced his fourth mixtape, "Journal of an Evil Genius" in 2014. The cover of the album has a picture of himself as a child.

He also made music videos that coincided with the singles released from the mixtape. He said he took inspiration from Quentin Tarantino and "wanted to tell a story loosely based on reality and used the raw emotion of the songs as an excuse to create a mini-horror movie". These videos were also able to achieve several million views on YouTube.

Favorite Quotes from Bugzy Malone

“I took up boxing when I needed something to ground me a bit. It taught me discipline, this whole thing I was involved in, this culture, revolved around violence and anger. Boxing was a way of participating in that but in a controlled environment, where you don’t get in trouble afterward.” – Bugzy Malone
“I’ve been in a couple of times to talk to them and they’re nice kids. You don’t get a choice what home environment you’re gonna be born into. Their homes are violent and domestically abusive and stuff like that, so it’s hard to sit in a classroom full of fully functioning people whose parents are normal, whose issues are quite simple. When you’re from a background where you’ve seen your mum beaten up in front of you, you’re a dysfunctional human being. You deal with humiliation different. You deal with not understanding different. School is a hard environment and you get squeezed out of it. That’s what happened to me.” – Bugzy Malone
“I don’t think Manchester is used to having a celebrity of this magnitude, as ever, no trace of a smile. Obviously, they had Oasis but Oasis weren’t walking through the town center. I ask if it’s a struggle to go out to buy a pint of milk when you’re this well-known locally.” – Bugzy Malone
“How can you be upset when you’ve made it?’ What’s ‘made it’? A 50-grand car? ‘Made it’ must be different for a lot of people. I see people who start drinking champagne, dressing fancy, getting the big chains, quite quickly, and they’re the ones who go bankrupt in the end. That is not my intention.” – Bugzy Malone